Blanco enchants St. Peter’s Square with his performance of ‘Blue Celeste’, a performance on Easter Monday in front of the Pope and 80,000 young people – VIDEO

After landing on stage during a concert, today Blanco gave a performance in the Vatican, in St. Peter’s Square, with his hit blue sky, in front of more than 80,000 young people who have arrived from all over Italy, on the day dedicated to the meeting between Pope Francis and young Italian teenagers. The singer-songwriter from Brescia, dressed in white, sang on piano Michelangelo, producer and co-author of goosebumps, the song won by Blanco and Mahmoud Basanremo 2022, and won a place to represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, which will be held this year in Turin from May 10-14. Another promising young talent of Italian music was also present in St. Peter’s Square: Matteo Romano. The 20-year-old from Cuneo, in front of the young people who flocked to Saint Peter’s Square, decided to propose diffuseThe song that the last one shared It happened Sanremo, enjoys great success among the public. At first the organizers expected 57,000 to be in Saint Peter’s Square, but eventually more than 80,000 young people came, filling not only Saint Peter’s Square, but also Via della Conciliazione and the surrounding areas. In short, a great success for the meeting organized by the Youth Service Office of the Italian Bishops’ Conference, which was envisioned as a moment of rebirth for young people, two years after the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Blanco gives voice to boys’ fears and moods: it’s a gift”

Blanco, with his words of hardships, hopes, and wounds, gives voice to the boys’ fears and moods, perhaps not to everyone, but certainly to many. You cannot think of talking to them, and persuading them with logic or words, if you are not willing to listen to them first, without pretending to wipe out their world with a shove of a sponge, and judge it only as sloppy and inappropriate. Blanco is a gift received and returned to the children,” explained Don Michele Vallabretti, Director of the National Youth Service at the Italian Bishops’ Conference (CEI) in recent days, introducing the initiative to celebrate Easter Monday at the Vatican. For young people. This youth moment, more than anything else, means creating conditions for mutual dialogue and listening – continued Don Vallabretti -. In order to talk to teenagers, you need to know who they are, and try to understand that inner world in which artists (especially today’s singers) interpret and clarify features » .

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