It has a population of 350 million people

To give an idea of ​​the success of the Metaverse, the new social horizon that Zuckerberg has aggressively launched, there are already 350 million inhabitants in the alternate universe. What will be the developments of this expansion? What will the managers of the major social platforms do?

The metaverse It is indeed one of the most interesting facts and has more margins of development than the social world can offer, so much so that the population who usually finds themselves there is already more than 350 million. A very significant number, it is sure to increase, causing social media moguls to rub their hands.

What news awaits us? What will happen in the future? Let’s find out together!

Metaverse: Italian Developed Map of Worlds


As mentioned, they are already more than 350 million people from metaverses, which are distributed in all 43 worlds in which they can be found. The current situation is summarized by Italian technology developer Vincenzo Cosenza, who has created a file a map It allows us to orient ourselves in the new digital world, complete with numbers and social analysis.

His words on the subject are as follows: “We are still in the early stage of developing these worlds, but the most innovative companies are already testing how to connect with consumers in these immersive spaces.” The different realms were divided according to the technology used in them.

Metaverse: Here are the new digital glasses


In addition to maps to orient yourself in the Metaverse, there are also products designed specifically for entering the digital world. Usually virtual headphones are used, but the technology is still under development. Not at home Mark Zuckerberg, one of the top businessmen who decided to bet more digital glasses from the future.

New glasses will be there Metaverse portaland the product designed by the owner of Facebook should have the same iPhone commercial effect. According to the first rumors, the new glasses will be put on the market as early as 2024.

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