“Labo Elkann? No comment. He’s one of the first Juventus fans”

A critical tweet from Labo Elkann? No comment. Labo is one of the first Juventus fans and I say that affectionately, he would have expressed his thoughts“. like him Massimiliano Allegri At a press conference on the eve of the Fiorentina match, the return of the Italian Cup semi-finals. “As for the criticism, we are at the defining moment of the season, we should think about doing it. We have to finish in the top four and try to reach the Coppa Italia final. Then we’ll take stock of how we’re doing, regardless of the results‘The technician explained.’It’s normal to always play at Juventus to win, but you have to strike a balance at the end of the season.“.

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Allegri: Labo’s criticisms expressed affectionately

Allegri, the Italian Cup and the party game

If you win the Coppa Italia, it counts nothing, and if you lose it, you miss the goal… It’s a party gameAllegri commented.Regret the championship? At the beginning of January, no one thought that Juventus would get five points over the fifth five days before the end. We have to be good at defending these points to stay in the top four. It was a balanced tournament, and I said there’s no absolute value and that episodes will make a differenceThe Juventus coach added.We didn’t win good games. We lacked that bit more to win them over and take the leap forward. In this we need to think and work on improvement. Next year will surely be better“.

Allegri jokes:

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Allegri jokes: “Arthur? Is he dead?”

Italian words of praise

Tomorrow is going to be a tough game, Fiorentina is having a great moment of fitness, and they are having a great season. The Italian confirms what he has done well in La Spezia. Tomorrow the final will be played as we play it. The first leg was a somewhat forbidden match, and tomorrow it will be a completely different match“.

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