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Tymoshenko, Putin is a fascist at war with Europe, you are in danger

The Russian missiles on Lviv ‘are missiles directed at the whole world, it is the message that Putin is sending to you, a bell that rings very loudly. It crosses many “red lines”, so Europe is in danger. In fact, the world is in danger. ”This is what Yulia Tymoshenko, the former prime minister of Ukraine, the heroine of the Orange Revolution against Yanukovych’s 2004 presidential victory, said in an interview with La Repubblica Putin, who Tymoshenko called a “barbarian.” I will explain why: waging a war against a peaceful, democratic and European country like Ukraine is an affirmation of its barbaric nature. He encouraged the elimination of the elderly, women and children. This cannot be described in any other way than that word: barbarian. and outbreak. Someone thinks he’s crazy, I don’t think so. He has a cold, rational and cynical mind. And behind his demeanor there is like a darkened heart, something that comes from the darkest of the Middle Ages’

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