Lorella Boccia caught fire with the metallic dress

Lorella Boccia Returning to TV after the birth of his first daughter, Los Althea, Ray 2 sparks newbies Made in the south. The debut was a triumph and she won the audience in a gorgeous metallic Paco Rabanne dress that leaves little to the imagination.

Lorella Boccia, debut A Made in the south

After 6 months of giving birth, little Lucy Althea was born on October 20, 2021, and Laurella Boccia asserts herself as one of the most popular young TV presenters. In an explosive couple with Clementino, he released the fifteenth edition of Made in the south On Olympus of Share. The first episode, which aired on Rai 2 on Monday, April 18, plastered 1,300,000 spectators to the small screen, apparently at 8%.

A score well above expectations, also considering the fact that the broadcast was in direct competition with Island of the Famous. Well, Lorella and Clementino have successfully “stealed” the audience from Mediaset, and have positioned themselves as The third most watched program of the evening.

The newlyweds, who are charismatic and radiant, convince without a doubt. And Lorella Boccia skips the audition for her first live broadcast on an important channel in great fashion, winning the emotion and proving to be loose and self-confident in the role.

Lorella Boccia, sneak peek

But in addition to conquering viewers with her skill and empathy, the former Amici dancer is simply magnetic with her gorgeous metallic look. Lorella wears a slip-on dress Silver mesh, Paco Rabanne, off-the-shoulder, with a V-neckline plays up sheer with this classic sheer effect that explores black lingerie. Seduction jumps in quickly, but sophistication and refinement are not lacking. Thanks to the perfect makeup and wig: high knots, black smokey eyes, powdery pink lips, and blush that sculpts cheekbones.

Laurella Boccia, congratulations on Instagram

Fans are addicted to it. And on his Instagram profile comes a barrage of compliments. “you were awsome”. “The wonderful, beautiful and talented conductors you and Clementino”, “Explosive and beautiful 🔥👏👏👏👏👏”. And again: “You are very beautiful and delicate .. so good.” Laurella gathers and thanks everyone for their support and affection, waiting for the next episode: “Thanks!! I read all of your comments. How much passion, adrenaline and happiness!! The first episode is never forgotten.”

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