Moskva, are the sailors and the captain alive? Moscow’s Video Novel (And What Doesn’t Return)

The video released by the Russian Ministry of Defense about the crew of the warship is an interesting movie Moskva soaked in black sea. Pictures were shown for the first time after the disaster off the coast of Odessa and sailors were seen parading in the city Sevastopol (In Crimea) The headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. The group also met with the Admiral of the Navy. Nikolai Yevminov. Among them was the commander of Moskva Anton KuprinAccording to Ukrainian media, he died in the accident. Kyiv gave its version of events, according to which the ship sank with Neptune missiles. That is also why the video released by Moscow opens up different scenarios: for the first time, evidence is given that some sailors survived. In the video, there were about 240 in front of two officers (about 500 on board). The search for photomontage has been started on social media and the Ukrainian Independent. According to various sources, the video will be dated: the environment around the scene will be evidence of this (it was mentioned trees flowering despite the coldness of this period which does not help the vegetation) as well as the topic of history which will be prior to the accident rather than the current one.

Movska, the wife of a sailor, denies the Kremlin: “My husband is dead, 27 others are missing.”

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26 sec clip, Leaves and Leader

The clip shows about 240 sailors and officers standing alert and in uniform. The 26-second video was posted on the Russian Defense Ministry’s Facebook page. The Commander in Chief of the Navy Admiral Nikolai Evminov and the command of the Black Sea Fleet held a meeting with the crew of the missile cruiser Moskva in Sevastopol He reads the explanation of the video. The cruiser, 600 feet long, had a crew of nearly 500 men, all of whom had been evacuated before the ship sank on Thursday. However, the suspicions do not stop there: the Russian army has not published any photos of the operation to rescue the sailors. What’s more, dozens gathered in Sevastopol on Saturday for a solemn ceremony at which a wreath was laid in honor of the “ship and sailors” as if the latter had died in the accident.

what’s back

The most important element that does not suggest a fake video is the presence of Commander Anton Kuprin, who wears the rank of Captain 1st class, although there are reports of his death in the explosion. In various archive photos, he appears as a second-ranked captain. Numerous evidence indicates that he was promoted in 2020. Moreover, there is the number of sailors present – there are about 240 sailors, which proves the absence of those who died in the explosion.

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