Nicolas Savino makes fun of the opponent, details don’t escape

Nicolas Savino Apparently he mocked one of the competitors in this version ofFamous Island.

reaction ilary plassi It was nothing short of exciting. The introduction literally let herself go.

Isola dei Famosi: Where We Are

At Easter, the date returns, early in the evening, withFamous Island. This year amid withdrawals, accidents, medical problems and rowing, the contestants didn’t have time to reach the necessity of leaving.

However, this allows for more aggressive outcasts because they cannot create new alliances with any newcomers. On the other hand, the audience became fond of characters spit This year’s chosen one, on the other hand, continues to discontent. The absence of new competitors does not allow you to spend free time or “think” about anything else.

The next episode is going to be full of tension and we’ll get back to talking about the violent fight between them blind And Marco Sinnis.

Light From The Air and Nicholas Vaporidis

The hot topics in the next episode largely focus on the dislikes created inFamous Island. Suppose the contenders are not able to stand anymore, but not only for reasons of hunger. The words that were said behind it Estefania Bernal against Gwendalina Tavasi They made the two girls go away. Then there are fossils just for stefania Because of the recent disciplinary action that hit Tiburn’s team.

Many have taken her straight with the beautiful supermodel too because they don’t appreciate her demeanor and lack of involvement in island life.

then there Nicola Vaporidis That today there is not even an ally. About 90% of outcasts point the finger at him accusing him of being strategic, not doing his homework, being a liar and not having a sense of friendship. Maybe his personality contrasts a lot with that of other outcasts, but he’s probably the only one who remembers participating in realityRace to win.

The behavior of other outcasts increases empathy towards Vaporides. Which exacerbates his condition on the island.

Among the developments, he would not fail to speak again of what happened in the wave outside the last episode where there could be disciplinary action.

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Who are the candidates who will have to face each other on April 18th atFamous Island? find tv stefania paired Present against the beautiful Jeremias Rodriguez.

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Unfortunately, the stefania She pays disciplinary action that involved her team, which they then hire without thinking twice. The same goes for Present Who found himself in spite of himself with the form. To be eliminated, however, was Pelin’s brother who had arrived in Playa Sajamada.

Isola dei Famosi: Nicolas Savino makes fun of the opponent

Nicolas Savino during the test Marco Kokolo To do 12 turns of Playa Sajamada is an act of imitation.

Viewers’ reaction didn’t go unnoticed ilary plassi. The introduction allowed herself to laugh out loud.

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