“I have chills, fever and aches all over”

Even Leon has been sick for 5 days, she desperately needs help from her followers

It all started five days ago: Ferragnez was on vacation on Lake Como and Leon began to feel ill. The family took turns staying with the child in the room and out with his little sister so as not to keep her in close contact. Then the babysitter got sick and they had to go back to Milan. A few hours later, Kiara began to feel unwell. He had warned in the stories “I’ve got chills and a fever that’s rising, that is, I’m out of it.”

Help came to uncles Valentina Ferragni and Luca Vizel, who took care of little Vittoria while Chiara and Leon were feverish. The next day, the influencer looked even worse: “I had a horrible night,” she says in a video in which she appears depressed and restless. “It all started with Liu who had a fever for 5 days. Since yesterday, I have had a high fever, strong muscle aches, a cough and a cold,” he explains on social media. Then he asked for help to the followers: “To everyone who had the same effect or had the same influence, what worked?”.

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