Istat, in February paid two billion dollars to Russia for gas and oil. Exports are doing well but the trade deficit is increasing

Last February, Italy paid Russia 2 billion euros for oil and gas imports. In general, the energy deficit in the Italian trade balance tripled in one year due to the high prices of all fuels. Estimated Istat a Liabilities 7.2 billion in February 2022, compared to 2.2 billion in the same month of 2021. In general, Italy, in twelve months, passed from a total trade surplus of 4.7 billion to a deficit of 1.6 billion. As Istat . explains “Natural Gas Purchases It contributes 10 percentage points to the strong trend of increase in Italian imports”, which represents +44.9%. The invasion of Ukraine began on the twenty-fourth For the same month, the figure includes only the minimal impact of the conflict and the jump in commodity prices.

Moreover, supply contracts are not immediately related to price fluctuations in the market. cheap russian gas, 10-20 euros per megawatt-hour which is about one-fifth of the current prices in the Amsterdam market, The reference for European exchanges. Almost every day we import 80 million cubic meters of Russian gas For a total of about 30 billion meters of it annually. It must be said that in recent weeks I Streams from Tarvisio, where Russian gas enters Italy, it is significantly reduced, halved and on some days almost to zero on others. Compensation above all by access Ships carrying liquid gas It landed at gas-to-gas regasification plants in Livorno, Cavarzeri and Panigalia. This gas costs much more than what comes from the United States At least 50% more. So it is likely, for the installation of meteorological components, that our energy costs Significantly increased in March And above all, they will rise in April. Data arrived today from Germany On producer prices in March do not bode well, Gas recorded an increase of 145% compared to the previous year, while the energy component recorded a total of +45%.

comfort Data on total Italian exports Which in February was higher than the previous year 22.7%, an increase of 1.6% from the previous month. On an annual basis, sales increased to both the EU region (+24%) and markets outside the EU (+21.1%). Coldiretti reported that the month set a historic record in food exports, with an increase of 21.6% a 52 billion euros.

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