Kyiv to Moscow: "Private negotiation session in Mariupol" | Evacuation of some civilians from the city by buses – TGCOM

  1. Kyiv in Moscow: “A special session of the negotiations in Mariupol” | Some civilians were evacuated from the city by busesTGCOM
  2. Russo-Ukrainian war, convoy of buses ready to evacuate Mariupol residents: municipal videodaily fact
  3. Ukraine, mayor: 40 thousand civilians deported from Mariupol – Ultima OraANSA Agency
  4. Against the tide, the mayor of Mariupol speaks: “It’s genocide, give us more weapons.” What do the pagans answer about the Azov battalion?the weather
  5. Ukraine, in the horror of Mariupol: “We ran away without food and white ghosts”Republic
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