2022 Lottery Receipt: Raffle Winners April 21

Receipt lottery: Today, Thursday, April 21, 2022, the third weekly drawing of the four scheduled for the current month took place. Next date is Thursday, April 28th. Let’s see in detail what the winning tokens and related prizes are.

today Thursday April 21 A new one has been held Weekly Receipt Lottery Draw 2022. The number of prizes reaches 15 prizes for buyers participating in the lottery, which becomes 30 prizes if we also consider those that prefer dealers.

Let’s see in detail each win codes The third weekly draw in April and related prizes.

Receipt Lottery: Weekly Draw on April 21

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As it happens every Thursday, today April 21 TheWeekly Receipt Lottery Draw 2022relating to expenses incurred From 11 to 17 April.

In total, 30 prizes were awarded: 15 prizes worth 25 thousand euros to buyers and 15 prizes worth 5 thousand euros to exhibitors.

The 15 code extracted It partly refers to expenses incurred in domestic business and partly refers to receipts issued in supermarkets, commercial chains and other large-scale retail stores.

To be able to participate in the receipt draw, you must have your receipts first lottery symbol. After that, valid purchases must be made from actual merchants. The weekly draws are held every Thursday of the month, while the monthly draws are every second Thursday.

Weekly drawing of winning codes on April 21

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Below we report on 15 winning tokens from the weekly drawing for April 21, 2022:

  • 1003-0127 3BIWB006914;
  • 1228-0006 99MEY022595;
  • 1003-0106 3BSDP001146 909,00013;
  • 0701-0045 53MN2021763;
  • 1006-0106 3BSDP001196 00200010;
  • 0969-0012 99MEY045766;
  • 0806-0018 99MEX082628;
  • 0954-0003 99MEX200904;
  • 0971-0082 3BSDP001650 00380003;
  • 1335-0078 96MKR000909;
  • 0959-0039 99MEX040640;
  • 1063-0023 53SNS303363 30900008;
  • 1452-0171 53SNS303292 00310016;
  • 1183-0099 2CITP000606;
  • 1219-0013 88S25000942 09802072.

To check if you are a prize winner or not, you can access “lottery portalOn the Revenue Agency website:my receiptsAll documents obtained by the system, its record and relevant identification codes are present.

In the event of a win, the same agency has activated a warning message that appears from the moment of withdrawal to the next 90 days (the deadline for which the time to claim winnings ends).

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