Adriano Celentano died: fake news spread widely

Adriano Celentano is dead. The fake news spread across the web, and within a few hours it quickly bounced from one social network to another. But how did the news come?

In the last few hours there was nothing but talk fake news Whoever circled the net, according to which the great “sprout” could have died. The news is clearly fake, but why was this warning generated?

Adriano Celentano and the false news of his death

This is not the first time that a famous person has fallen victim to fake news. This time it was a legendary and unique role, Adriano Celentano. In fact, news of his sudden disappearance spread on the Internet, a rumor that made millions upon millions of Italians freeze in hearts.

So, in the blink of an eye, the news bounced from one social network to another, and many believed in it. But why has it been wrongly assumed that Adriano has disappeared? It all started with a message that the singer posted on his social page. Apparently some users misinterpreted his words, assuming they were. deceased.

This is how the fake news of Adriano Celentano’s disappearance was born

Adriano wrote: Dear non-existent friends,And He began, then continued: “I decided, In spite of myself, to stop posting videos on both Instagram and Facebook for technical reasons and I apologize for that (…] I still have a lot of things to tell you through my videos but she is stronger than me and I don’t know why either.”

from here fake news Whoever hit him, the singer at the present time has not expressed himself in this regard, but it is not excluded that he will do so. Meanwhile, fans breathed a sigh of relief, the singer is fine and the news is clearly false.

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