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Eleven years later, Fiat has brought the iconic model back to market, with a pickup truck career and unprecedented technology solutions, starting with the unprecedented zero-emissions engine.

Maurizio Perterra

– Turin

There’s a new electric car on Fiat’s roster: the E-Ulysse, the eight-seat minivan, based on the original PSA’s Emp2 platform introduced at the end of 2021. Another stage in the journey toward sustainable mobility. It’s Fiat’s second original electric model after the Nuova 500 that should help the Turin-based manufacturer achieve the goal outlined by Eric Laforge, Fiat’s expanded Europe Lcv Director. “At Lcv, we want to go from pioneering CNG models to pioneering electric models, building on the historic commercial vehicle collaboration between FCA and PSA, which was in fact the foundation of Stellantis,” he said. Very true, even if part of the competition would be at home paradoxically, considering that Citroen Space Tourer, Peugeot Traveler and Opel Zafira Life were born from the same Emp2 platform without forgetting, even if out of the group, Toyota Proace.

Fiat e Ulysses, how is it made

The E-Ulysse is a multi-purpose vehicle that carries the hallmarks of a vehicle, starting with a driving position similar to a vehicle with optimum road visibility, while accessibility remains simple and easy thanks to the convenient step in the cabin. The font is one of the popular French and German twin models, but the new Fiat logo in large letters on the grille stands out from afar. The E-Ulysse is available in a single body configuration of 530 cm in length, 201 cm in width and 189 cm in height: one of the smallest dimensions in the segment, ensuring maneuverability even in urban centers and the ability to access without problems with underground parking . Standard headlights are halogen, xenon on the richer or optional hallway trim at the base as well as a panoramic roof with canopy, while 17-inch wheels are standard. Payload volume is at the top of its class, with boot capacity equal to 4200 liters in the standard version and 4900 liters in the long version (900 and 1500 liters respectively with all seats occupied in both solutions) and the ability to load items up to 3.5 meters in length.

Fiat e Ulysses, the interior

It’s fairly simple in terms of the front area: the instrument panel is analog, with a small digital display in the middle, the dashboard houses the center display for the infotainment system (with the navigator on the Lounge model), and at the bottom, the transmission “controls”, with A recessed lever to activate travel forward and backward and a B (“brake”) button to enhance regenerative braking, and next to it is the drive position control for travel modes. Particularly large seats and armrests ensure remarkable comfort. In addition, a double folding table can slide between the second row And third, it is an ideal support surface for the most diverse activities: it offers plenty of storage spaces and can be easily closed to reduce clutter and disappearance between seats. So that it can be easily moved, tilted, or even removed with simple operations.The space can therefore be easily reconfigured according to transportation needs: up to 12 different configurations are available for the 8-seater version, up to 16 for the Model 7 Seats, divided into 3 rows. Large panes of glass (40 x 100 cm) ensure great brightness inside the passenger compartment and a perfect view outward for all occupants. Noteworthy is the debut of a new device for sterilizing the passenger compartment.


Having said that 50 kWh battery parts will also be available, we drove the 75 kWh E-Ulysse which according to the company allows distances of up to 330 km and a top speed of 130 km / h. The three drive programs (Sport, Normal, Eco) adjust the accelerator response and the amount of torque available, and are progressively limited to 200 Nm in Eco mode, while fully available only in Sport, but bring an autonomy variance of up to 30 km between the extremes. . Basic charging takes about 10 hours using an onboard charger with a capacity of 7.4 kW, as an option there are 11 kW. Moreover, it is possible to quickly recharge up to 100 kW of power, transmitting from 10 to 80% of capacity in about an hour. In our testing on the streets of Turin and its surroundings, the E-Ulysse showed a very similar behavior to that of a car, ensuring comfort even in the event of a long stay on the plane, and linked to the high-seat position that ensures the best visibility on the road. The car’s electric driving is quiet with gentle acceleration, comfort, sound and driving is a first of its kind. The car is more agile than expected, despite its load, thanks to the excellent steering that allows maneuvers on the strait. From a dynamic point of view, the stability of the road and the ability to absorb the roughness of the road in all conditions is ensured thanks to the four-wheel independent suspension, which is equipped with springs with progressively variable elasticity.

Fiat E-ULYSSE, equipment and prices

E-Ulysse offers a rich starter kit, featuring 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels, reclining and removable seats, three-zone air conditioning, removable work shelves, rear seat canopies and a trunk stowage net. Also available is a higher level, called the Lounge, which features several top-of-the-range features such as the power liftgate that opens automatically, panoramic roof with ambient lighting, Xenon headlights and leather-upholstered seats that can be adjusted in a “living room” configuration. Orders have already been accepted in Italy, Germany, France and Austria and the model will be available at dealerships starting in May. Prices for the Long model with a 75 kWh battery, the only one available at launch, start from €59,500 for the E-Ulysse (8 seats) version and go up to € 66,500 for the E-Ulysse Lounge (7 seater lounge or 8 places transfer service).

fiat e-ulysse technical newspaper

engine: battery 75 kWh, power 136 hp, torque 260 Nm, range 330 km, automatic transmission, front wheel drive.

Dimensions: Length 5306 mm, width 2010 mm, height 1890 mm, trunk 900-4200 liters (length 1500-4900)

price: 59,500 euros and 66,500 euros (waiting hall)

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