His statements make everyone laugh

Despite attempts by Elari Blasey, Nicolas Savino, and Vladimir Luxoria to persuade him, Jeremias Rodriguez decided to retire from The Viewsum Island on Monday night. The castaway lost the telecast against Estefania and Roger, a fact which in any case preserved the possibility of staying in Playa Sagamada, but Jeremias refused. Gustavo Rodriguez admits he would like his son to be with him, but adds that he understands the boy’s choice. Papa Rodriguez also claimed that he is able to live on his own “because he has spent his whole life”. What you mean? “I can say that I respect the decision he made. If it was his strategy I would not have realized it myself.” I have announced.

Gustavo also added: I am able to go on on my own, this is not a problem for me, my whole life has been this way. He arrived here at Playa Sgamada, I was expecting that because he was a bit anxious, and to tell the truth he didn’t give me a second to express all my feelings with him. When I talk about my family, I can’t contain my feelings. I wanted to stay, because we were here with God, as well as with Marco, Clemente Russo and Laurie del Santo. But that is the case, everything is changing. The last thing he said is still on my mind and heart, that when he arrives in Italy he will have good news. So I’m happy for him.” To have something to say about Jeremias Rodriguez’ retirement, there is also his sister Cecilia.

The Argentine showgirl and influencer said: “I think my brother made a good decision. The island gives everyone a second chance, even the ones who are eliminated, he gave up because he realized it was not his world. So I am proud of what he decided to live. My brother Jeremias is a beautiful person, a rare soul and often thinks differently than other people.” He decides to leave to get back to the people he missed here in Italy and that’s okay. Because the truth is he doesn’t feel comfortable anymore. He doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone. So we are all looking forward to it. When he says he doesn’t like reality TV, he means He doesn’t like fights, people behind them, falsehood, wanting to go out for 5 minutes longer than everyone else or other slobs to make a good impression. When you’re not good or good, you’re another slob.”

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