Madi Pictures Burger Ad: “With Sandwiches That’s Good, You’ll Leave Your Kids At Home”

Thirsty for money (a lot). To sell his hamburger to a man Joe Choleis 29 years old and owns a sandwich business in Leeds, Oatley Burger CompanyPosting a disgraceful ad without any permission (and meaningless). She used the image of Maddie McCann’s mother – the young girl kidnapped in Portugal in 2007 – in a TV studio and her daughter’s picture with the text of a scary quote: “With burgers well done, you’ll leave your kids at home. What? Is it? The worst thing that could happen. Happy Mother’s Day For all the moms out there.”

The first ad pictures of March: a hamburger and a kidnapped child, what could possibly go wrong? It was silent for days. Then suddenly someone understood how annoying the combination is, the logo is vile, and the use of the image of the most sadly famous girl in England is unsustainable. Maddie was the heroine of an unprecedented media campaign in England. This issue filled the tabloids, television programs, and talk shows for years. The girl was reported in dozens of places. A physical name can be found on millions of Internet pages. For the first time, with a piece of meat, two slices of bread and a little melted cheese. Joe Scully tried to take advantage of a famous name and face until when asa (Advertising Standards Authority) has not received thousands of complaints and complaints and has therefore ordered the relevant social platforms to remove those content.

The owner of the company already had censorship work: he posted a photo of a mother pretending that her daughter had been kidnapped, and posted flyers with photos of the killers on Father’s Day. And he didn’t even apologize or back down: Al Leeds Live He said he only thinks of money and it doesn’t matter “if people are offended.” It wasn’t even full.

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