Name change for 50th anniversary –

Konamior rather Konami Holdings Corporation, which decided to run changing the name for him 50th Anniversary. In fact, this is a very small change, moreover, it still has to be approved by the shareholders, after the Board of Directors has already approved it.

If so, it will be the new name Konami Group Corporation It will be in use from July 1, 2022.

In fact, it’s not really a revolution, but the company is trying to make the turnover increase reflected in its name. As explained in the official press release, Konami has expanded significantly since its inception and now operates in four entertainment segments: digital entertainment, entertainment, games, systems, and sports. So using the word ‘collection’ seems more appropriate than using the word ‘collectibles’.

Of course, this does not resolve the controversies that have occurred in recent years with a certain segment of players, who do not forgive the freezing of series such as those in Metal Gear and Castlevania, the almost complete abandonment of the traditional market and problematic launches such as those of eFootball 2022.

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