On Sunday, the series returns to the BLM Group Arena

Civitanova Marche (Macerata), April 21, 2022

Play Off, Game 3 Semifinals and Lube: Sunday series returns to BLM Group Arena

Wall Podrascanin and Sbertoli attempt to repel Zaytsev’s attack during the third set (photo Trabalza)

The Play Off Scudetto Series will return for the semi-finals between Cucine Lube Civitanova and Itas Trentino next weekend at the BLM Group Arena in Trento for match four. This evening’s Gialloblù was actually rejected by the Eurosuole Forum of Civitanova Marche in the third game of the semi-final series: 3-0 score in favor of the Marche hosts, who thanks to this result canceled the first balls of three matches. In the hands of the opponents, to bring the row back to the Via Versina facility on Sunday 24th April at 6pm for Race 4.
Today’s Lorenzetti team failed to take advantage of the first opportunity to close the account, suffering the great vitality of the Chefs in hitting and attacking, key to pushing Loeb forward immediately in every set, the Marquisians were good at controlling the situation. Good in the second part of the three parts. Trento tried to repeat especially in the second period, the best of what was played today in the Marche, but in fact he was not able to repeat the blow as in the previous matches. Lavia’s brilliance in attack (top and best scorer with 11 points, 45%) and Lesinak’s traditional net worth (even with two walls) weren’t enough to keep the challenge open well from the first exchanges from the hosts.

Below is the Match 3 report of the Play Off SuperLega Scudetto Credem Banca 2022 semi-finals, which took place tonight at the Eurosuole Forum in Civitanova Marche.

Kosen Lob Civitanova-Itas Trentino 3-0
(25-16, 25-19, 25-17)
Loop Kitchens: Anzani 4, Zaytsev 14, Yant 11, Simon 12, De Cecco 1, Lucarelli 15, Balaso (L); Kovar, diamatine. Ne Garcia, Sutil, Marchisio, Juantorina, Gironci. Shepherd Gianlorenzo Blingini.
Itas Trentino: Lysinac 7, Spertoli 4, Micheletto 6, Podrascanin 2, Lavia 11, Kaczyski 6, Zinger (left); Cavuto 4, Pinali, and D’Heer 1. Ne Albergati, Spirotto, and De Angelis. Shepherds Angelo Lorenzetti.
the reviewer: Fani from Perugia and Piana di Carpi (Modena).
fixed duration: 22′, 28′, 26′; Blueberry 1 hour 16 minutes.
note: 2,530 spectators, collected 28,902 euros. Cucine Lube: 6 blocks, 5 aces, 9 serving errors, 2 working errors, 62% attacking, 51% (30%) receiving. Itas Trentino: 4 blocks, 3 aces, 11 serving fouls, 6 action fouls, 46% attacking, 45% (17%) receiving. Mvp De Seco.

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