Queen Elizabeth’s diet: What to eat (for life) to stay fit

Queen Elizabeth II does not eat potatoes, rice and pasta. Could this be the secret to her perfect figure and iron health that has always distinguished her? The ruler cares so deeply about the diet that the Queen’s personal nutritionists take care of, but what does her diet consist of?

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The Queen’s Diet

The Queen of England has always been in perfect physical shape since the first day of her accession to the throne. Today, as then, despite her venerable 94-year-old age, she still shows an enviable silhouette. But what is her secret? Let’s start with the fact that Elizabeth II, Queen of England He doesn’t eat potatoes, pasta, and rice, so he obviously got rid of a large percentage of the carbs.

The Queen had been over the age of ninety some time ago but had no intention of abdicating from the throne. His smile, assertiveness, and unmistakable and elegant style won the hearts of his people and others. Queen Elizabeth II She is also much admired for her physique, she is not too fat nor too skinny and always in excellent health apart from normal age ailments.

The secrets of her eternal youth are a 100% natural face cream and a strict diet. The success of this diet is given above all by the consistency with which it is made British Sovereignty Follow dietary guidelines. Let’s see how the queen feeds and what her habits are.

Pre-made weekly menu

there Queen Elizabeth II She always maintains a healthy weight, we found out the secret of her perfect figure, do you want to know that? First of all, he follows the diet laid down by nutritionists without fail even at parties.

Spreading the queen’s food secret was her former private chef Darren McGrady which revealed how sovereignty is not an excellent thorn. It mainly eats to live and not the other way around. there Queen Elizabeth II Small portions are preferred by splitting meals at different times of the day.

At dinner, the ruler chooses the game. The weekly menu is decided in advance by giving instructions to the kitchen staff of the royal palace. No exaggeration or deception of the nobility, her rigor is absolute, the Queen is usually even at the table and never changes manner.

Dark chocolate loved by Queen Elizabeth II

How is the British diet formed? His daily diet consists mainly of proteins, and among his favorite dishes are grilled fish with a side dish of always different vegetables such as spinach, carrots and zucchini.

Queen Elizabeth
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The Queen’s diet completely excludes carbohydrates and starches found in rice, potatoes and pasta. In fact, he allows himself some deviations from the norm, but they are when he is at the table with other people.

In this case he does not follow the restrictions literally but never exaggerates. However, the food he cannot give up is chocolate very dark. His only gratification when it comes to food.

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