They emptied your account and it looks like your fault too

This is a critical period for Italian consumers. Households and businesses are caught in the spiral of rising prices and many are unable to move forward.

But it is also a period when there is a great deal of tricks and fraud. Let’s see what happens and see what the scammers are targeting.

It is common for families to search for a few savings In this period and therefore fraudsters try to take advantage of consumers’ desire to save, but also based on the desire to save to be in good shape With different tasks.

bank scam

If it is true that there is always talk of increases in bills and petrol and also about costs Costs in the bank increased disproportionately in the past months.

Everything rises in price and so does the cost of accounts. A big blow to Italians who have to pay more for everything. But it is precisely the bank that provides the opportunity for serious fraud to criminals. Indeed, the Italians receive communications that put them in a state of great apprehension. These messages claim to come from their own bank and pretend to be Procedures to be completed to secure the account.

what to watch out for

Judging by these messages, there are some incomplete actions that can be Putting the account at risk Or there are documents that were not filled out correctly. In short, through these emails or sometimes text messages, scammers put victims in a position to believe that There is a procedure that must be completely completed. The most insidious thing about these messages is that they are often well done and seem to really come from their own bank.

biggest danger

By copying a file Logos And sometimes even bank slogans that scammers manage to make very convincing. These messages always have a link at the end to click on. In theory, this link is used to complete the procedure In the best way, but in fact it only serves to take the user to a fraud platform aimed at stealing data sensitive. We should always be wary of this type of message but the most important thing is not to click on existing links. If you have any doubts it is important to clarify them directly at the bank.

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