Trainees and women most affected by the effects of excessive stress –

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Bicocca investigation on behalf of Anaao Assomed Lombardia. Al-Amin Magnoni: “Shocking numbers. And the epidemic made the situation worse.”

How do you feel, doctor? The answer for seven out of ten Lombard doctors is: bad. They suspect that they have suffered from Burnt
It is “a syndrome that has been conceptualized as a consequence of chronic stress in the workplace and has not been successfully managed,” as defined by the World Health Organization. Sixty percent of white coats fear that they will encounter trouble in the future because of their chosen profession. About a third of them already now have symptoms of the anxiety spectrum, 40% show signs of depression.

Bicocca study

The data emerge from the “Epidemiological Survey of Fatigue in Lombard Physicians” conducted by Bicoca University between November 2021 and March 2022 on behalf of the regional department of Anaao Assomed, Association of Executive Physicians. Scientists prepared an online questionnaire that was answered by 958 physicians, about a third of those who read the email containing the suggestion. 71.6% of survey respondents believe they have experienced excessive stress. Alarm bells? He explains, “Emotional exhaustion, and the increasing detachment from one’s occupation, decreases efficiency” Eduardo Niccolo Aielloa psychologist and doctoral student in neuroscience at Bicocca.

(Here’s the story of Roberta Barbera, the specialist who left hospital to become a GP: “I was a makeshift place there”)

Women and youth are the most affected

The a woman Which small They are the most affected. Trainees, in particular, see themselves as less effective. “By this term we mean the ability to act effectively on the tour, and not just in the professional field,” explains Aiello. On the other hand, those with many years of experience behind them are more protected.

Effects of the epidemic

Is this all the fault of the pandemic? According to Bicocca’s analysis, 87.4 percent of respondents stated that Covid and the emergence of the fourth wave had moderate or severe effects on their well-being at work. On the other hand, those who showed objective signs of exhaustion experienced excessive stress even before the health emergency. And doctors who served on Covid wards were no more victims of anxiety and depression than their colleagues who, on the other hand, didn’t directly care for those infected (here’s the story of Roberta Barbera, the specialist who left the hospital for her GP).

Study Institute Piepoli

According to another study conducted by the Piepoli Institute of the National Federation of Orders of Surgeons and Dentists, After the pandemic, 5 percent of the white coats we heard about had new health problems or diseasesSleep disturbances in most cases. Stefano Manione, Regional Secretary of Anau Asomed, talks about the “lack of resources and hysterical work rhythms” to which the impact of Covid has been added. So the virus had an effect, but it is not the cause of all ills.

Prevention and screening

“The data is worrisome,” Magnone says. There are mental health concerns for professionals and patients who may suffer the consequences of burnout. The mechanism must be broken as soon as possible. “It is necessary to think, structure and promote rigorous assessment programs for labor defects For all operators and especially for the female sex and people of lesser service – according to Ines Giorgi, psychotherapist -. It is necessary to confront the culture of self-care as health workers already during the study period and to make specific support settings available in health firms.”For many doctors, talking about mental health is still a tabooElo says. It suggests screening campaigns in hospitals.

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