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Top Amazon Italy It is possible to book Xenoblade Chronicles 3, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. The game will be available from July 29, 2022 (Amazon is still setting the wrong date at the time of writing) and costs €59.99.

Xenoblade 3 records, like all other products sold and shipped by Amazon, allows you to book at a guaranteed lowest price: This means that by booking now at no cost you can secure a copy, and in the event of a lower price, you will pay the lowest amount shown on Amazon without having to follow the price trend and without having to rebook. Moreover, it is possible to cancel the reservation at any time without spending a penny, even a moment before the payment and the subsequent shipment.

We also recently suggested a new one preview. Here are our closing words about Xenoblade Chronicles 3: “We closed this preview of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 with shortness of breath because the new promotion was so full of information. Our analysis consists of guesses and hypotheses that we can’t wait to confirm or Deny: The early release date was a great surprise, because Monolith Soft’s new JRPG looks packed with content, gameplay dynamics and twists that may leave fans especially of the series speechless. Needless to say, we’ll update you. Any news, so keep following us.”

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3

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