Branko Tower today, Friday, April 22, 2022, detailed forecast at the top of the summit

To keep us company among the stars this week are the heroes of comedies and comedies. Aries, seasonal changes can play tricks on you. Gemini, confrontation is coming for some couples • Leo, put your shyness aside. Try not to hold back Scorpio and you will face everything. Aquarius, discussions with the partner. Pisces, you will have to tone down the most angular aspects of the character: the win-win challenge.


You need to rest, Aries. Even if you have a long list of tasks, see if you can leave some for later. All the signs say you shouldn’t be far from home today if you can avoid it. You are easily distracted, which makes you prone to accidents. Being behind the wheel of a car is not the place for you right now. Stay home and do all those little chores you want to finish.


You are on your own when it comes to financial matters, Taurus. It may not be what you want to hear, but it is. Trust that your business acumen will get you out. Do not take anything for its face value. Pay attention, write down the information, but do not commit and do not sign contracts. The environment is not suitable for any business. If the offer is valid today, it will still be valid tomorrow.


If possible, it is best to spend the day alone behind closed doors. There is a lot of stress in your family for some reason, Gemini. Since there isn’t much you can do about it, try to avoid it completely. Let your family members fight each other. You have better ways to spend your time. Why don’t you watch a movie? When you go alone, you don’t have to share popcorn!


There is a lot of tension in the air today, Cancer. It doesn’t just affect your home environment – everyone you meet seems to have lost their minds. You will be happier if you spend most of the day alone. Books don’t honk and DVDs don’t curse your driving skills. Who needs the aggravation that a day like today can bring? Enjoy a day away from the bad mood of others.


Do you think life would be smoother if the money wasn’t there! The amount of time and energy you put into fixing your finances is frustrating. Unfortunately, Leo, today is going to be a frustrating day. Today you have to sit down and settle some discarded bills. It’s not fun, but at the end of the day at least you’ll be satisfied knowing you’ve made it.


You feel invincible, Virgo, as if you could do anything. Enjoy this abundance of energy, it is definitely extraordinary. Be careful not to overdo it. If you haven’t run in a while, a five-mile run today will leave you sore tomorrow. Likewise, don’t try to finish all your home repairs in one day. Remember, slow and easy win the race and keep you fit for the long haul!


You have to be more aware of it every day because sometimes you forget about it like you’re falling apart. You are like a phoenix, You are always reborn from your ashes And you should always keep that in mind. and for this Don’t be afraid to show your feelings to someone who occupies your heart. What you hear every day is very powerful and you have to express it, Libra, but also to find out the answer, to see if it matches you on the same scale. If it’s negative, start looking the other way Because there are many options waiting for you. If you are in a happy relationship, This time it is very good to pamper yourself. No one is bitter about sweets.

The scorpion



But maybe you realize that It can be very useful to you. Even if you have to put in a lot of effort to communicate daily with some people who are not particularly kind to you, Think about all that this means for your career advancement. Think, and above all, when you have a clear answer in your mind, Don’t be influenced by the people around you Who, with his best intentions, is probably trying to change your mind, Capricorn. They don’t know the details or situations so they can give you wise advice. Act according to your instincts. Today a new phase will begin. Keep this in mind on a daily basis and don’t miss the opportunities that will be presented to you daily from now on.


Better leave it for another chance and now Dedicate the day to rest, and And that doesn’t mean lying on the bed or the couch and not taking off your pajamas all day. that’s not the point. Go out and enjoy the spring, Surround yourself with fun people and do some of the things you love the most. It would be great to meet new people and make room for those who show an interest in you personally or in what you do professionally. Is there a person who has recently entered your life and who fulfills these requirements, Aquarium. Try to get to know him a little more, perhaps he is the one who will enlighten your existence every day. Pay attention today and you will be able to find out if this is just a special object.


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