Don Mateo kidnapped, Terrence Hill exit trick

It was April 21st that was announced as the final episode of Terence Hill as Don Matteo. But the ending tells a different story.

Don Matteo’s episode on Thursday, April 21st ended with excitement. The episode, which was announced as the last Terence Hill episode before she says goodbye to the novel she’s been a hero for more than 20 years, had an epilogue that almost takes Don Matteo’s return, albeit brief, before the end of this episode. Season thirteen.

The final scene of the April 21 episode, preceded by the episode circulating in These Hours in which Don Mateo appears to greet all his traveling companions while they sleep, showed the protagonist in the midst of a mystical crisis, in tears in front of the cross. The following scene sees a tire surrounded in the distance and suspicious men force the priest into it. Impossible, therefore, to be a departure from Terrence Hill’s scene.

Don Matteo previews on April 28

A possible explanation is offered by previews of the following episode, right after the episode’s conclusion, where the character played by Nino Frasica claims that Don Matteo has been kidnapped. Suspicions are directed towards Don Massimo, the priest played by Raúl Bova who will take charge in the next episode. But there will obviously be a knot to be worked out, it will be the character being played by Terence Hill, and his departure from the scene is thus set to be postponed.

Raul Bova and Nino Frasica present Don Matteo 13 and Terrence Hill: “I didn’t leave of my own accord”

Terrence Hill’s Farewell Words

Terrence Hill’s farewell to the series, which is sure to happen at the end of the current season. The actor also explained how the decision to leave came: “I actually didn’t want to stop doing Don Matteo, I just wanted to do it differently because the times set were really tough. While filming last season, work days were very long, I slept five hours in Tonight. Beautiful, for heaven’s sake, but also tiring. I had suggested making four films a year, on the model of Inspector Montalbano. Unfortunately, my idea was not accepted by Ray that needed a long series in order to optimize costs.”

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