Faculty of Medicine, Collini in El Dolomiti: “The quality of the students of the First Division and Trento is not a branch of other universities but a school with complete and comprehensive autonomy”

Trento. “The School of Trento is not a branch of other universities as one might wish, it is a school with complete and complete independence in deciding who is to be appointed.” to say it Paolo ColiniAnd The former Dean of the University of Trento and one of the landing engineers in the capital, the new training proposal. “But another essential aspect of the quality of the university’s location is the quality of the teaching and research that is conducted there, and thus the quality of the teachers and researchers who work there (and who in the case of medicine are often clinicians involved in care activities).”

The former university president speaks dolomite To reply to the message, posted on April 14, by Federico BossettiAnd A forensic doctor in Bressanone specializes in urology: “A story full of populism: the danger of a second-rate structure, a rubbish site to send unwanted people” (here is an article). A Colini intervention to evaluate and suggest Anti-Benefit Analysis Faculty of medicine.

“We are talking about the second division and I imagine this could refer to three aspects – as the former dean says – student quality (hence graduates), The quality of teachers and researchers and the quality of structures. Regarding student quality, predictions by Dr. Posetti Not confirmed by factsgiven that those who chose Trento and were admitted had minimum test scores among the highest in Italy, He placed Trento 6th out of 50 medical offices in 2021. Trento is ahead of important universities such as the University of Padua in Treviso, the University of Verona, and the offices of the University of Bologna in Romania, to name a few. The number is also an improvement compared to 2020 when Trento was eighth.”

A letter in which the coroner at Bressanone re-steps an idea not new; In addition to analyzing the context in which the medical school is listed, Busetti also suggests possible solutions to stand up to comparison with more historical universities, but also to find specificity and exclusivity: “Our geographical location and history can help us“.

After arm wrestling Fugati, his council and the university Himself, directed at that time by the rector of the university Colini, Trentino decided to focus on medical school, while Bolzano took other paths. Several evaluations made by the university before the final decision and adoption of the current form.

Then there is an ideaorigio. Anyone who’s followed our events – Collini explains – knows this was our initial suggestion: an integrated school Trento Bolzano with partner Innsbruck And Verona, with German language courses as well. It is not easy to work with Austria because they are different legal systems and the Medical University of Innsbruck, unlike the University of Leopoldina, does not participate in the Euregio Universities Agreement also signed by the Ministers of Italia And Austria In 2012, but cooperation and alliances can certainly be developed. Not only has this idea been made public on several occasions, and re-emphasized in some of my interviews, but it was formalized in a project sent to Giunta of Bolzano which instead announced an agreement with the Catholic University to open a branch (yes, Just a branch) of that university in Bolzano, without ties to the University of Trento with which it has long said it was ready to cooperate. such a pity“.

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