Fiat wants to be “the people’s Tesla”. Four electric cars on the way, including a Panda and heir Punto

Stilants She has already decided that almost all of her brands will have an extension electric futureAnd for some of them, it means a big change. As for the FiatUntil now Offer only 500 new electricIt was a huge success right away, which prompted upper management to program other battery-powered cars.

Confirm this again Olivier FrancoisFiat’s number one, speaks to the magazine Autocar It made some interesting discoveries. In the next few years they will come Four new modelsis already at an advanced stage of planning, to the point that the designs are said to have already been approved and signed.

The first car revealed by Olivier Franois is an absolute novelty, which has been rumored for some time but has never been officially confirmed. He is the heir of the Puntonow out of production for a while, but what Francois described as “Like Punto, but it wouldn’t be called PuntoRegardless of the name, we would expect a compact permission to rival the Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Polo but Also in the range with the Opel Corsa and Peugeot 208.

And it could inherit the base from these last two cars, offering engines of all kinds, heat-sucking, hybrid and 100% electric. The CEO went on to explain future plans, and also expressed some personal opinions: “Fiat should be the popular Tesla: electric for everyone“, still”Obviously we need to lower the cost of electricity, and by 2027 we will be ready, but maybe sooner, and it will depend on the cost.I want Fiat to be the first brand in the market to be electric onlyImportant decisions, but it certainly takes Stylantis’ position on the subject.

Fiat EV

Returning to the new cars, the remaining three will have all cross shapein different dimensions, but among them You will meet the new panda. This is a car that has been talked about for quite some time, and which should see the light by drawing strong inspiration from the Centoventi concept. According to François, it will keep the original spirit of the panda: simple, strong and suitable for everyone.

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