God of War can also be played on Xbox Series X | S with GeForce Now? No, Sony has blocked it [aggiornata] – Multiplayer.it

Access God of War GeForce Now opens a really interesting scenario, which drops another wall: it is now possible to play To the nickname Sonny Santa Monica too Xbox Series X and S.Unless Sony decides to ban it, as unfortunately happened with Death Stranding.

It is not time to assume that it has already happened: apparently Sony God of War has banned So it can’t be streamed via GeForce Now on Microsoft consoles.

As mentioned earlier, a very similar situation happened some time ago with Death Stranding, which can be played on Xbox Series X | S with GeForce Now but only in Russia due to the regional ban requested by the Japanese house.

Here’s the original news.

Like? GeForce is now powered by edge, the browser used by Microsoft’s latest generation console. So, just connect to the service and turn it on, and enter your credentials. Moreover, it is fully compatible with the Xbox consoles that it recognizes natively. Interestingly enough, with an RTX 3080 subscription you can play the best version of the game.

Of course, the clip is still double, because God of War still has to be bought PC (Steam or Epic Games Store) and then launched from GeForce Now wherever you want, but it’s still a decisive step towards breaking down the wall that divides the different platforms, as we only hoped yesterday.

Different ecosystems are becoming much more open and accessible, apart from owned hardware, which is always good news for those who love video games and not flags. After all, it is inevitable that things will turn out this way, given the latest market dynamics and the investment choices of major publishers.

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