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From Confindustria Cgil Cisl and Uil via Solidarity Fund

A fundraising campaign from the world of business and action in support of the Ukrainian population hard-affected by the war. This is stipulated in the agreement signed between Confindustria, CGIL, CISL and UIL, which with this initiative wanted to express their closeness and solidarity with Ukraine. As today’s note explains, the fund will include the voluntary contributions, equal to one working hour, of workers of companies belonging to Confindustria, to which the respective companies will add the corresponding total amount. This is the first contribution of solidarity that “the Confindustria wanted to pursue with the conviction that the responsibility of the social partners is indispensable in these tragic moments of a grave social and economic crisis.” In fact, business is “not only a critical economic player in the region, but true community factories, always committed to the common good,” according to the note.

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