Paulo Fox on the weekend of April 22-24, 2022: the luckiest signs

Paulo Fox come back with L ‘horoscope map from the weekend – from 22 to me April 24, 2022 – Stars of fortune, from two to five, are assigned to everyone zodiac signs. The astrologer, a well-known face on television, makes his predictions, reminding that the stellar situation will change in a few days and there is hope that the situation in the world will improve. Meanwhile, however, in the study your facts Explains the horoscopes for the weekend.

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Paulo Fox and Towers Weekend

Aries Today and tomorrow the days are a little heavy for Aries, who is appointed by Fox Two stars. It’s going to be fine from May, but you still have to figure something out and you’re stumped. You have to deal with someone against him.

Balance Two stars for the scale. Today and tomorrow there is still some malaise to overcome. For the past two months, you’ve had to change your plans. Now calculate the emotion of those around you. Sunday is better.

Lion Three stars too for the Leo sign this weekend, but it’s important that he doesn’t fall apart. Between today and tomorrow, astrologer Paulo Fox advises, try to be more cynical and less proud.

Sagittarius At Sagittarius there are always three stars. The stars send you a message and the sky will be beautiful for you. Good predictions in love and money. Anyone who doubts a love story can be confused.

ox Weekend grows favorably for the sign of Taurus, four stars. Want to defend the dignity and the couple. Now after the chaos you have to rebuild your safety. Big sky for the second half of the year for official reports.

The scorpion Sunday is sort of for Scorpio, which Fox gives four stars. Check for joint disorders. Always try to be optimistic, otherwise you risk getting sick even when it is not necessary.

Fishbowl Important feelings for Aquarius, who managed to get four stars this weekend. There will be zodiac signs that motivate you in love and then there are important possibilities to turn your hobbies into something more.

twins The higher Sunday is for the sign of Gemini, who recovers after a bit heavy days and can enjoy four stars in work and feelings. The other two days over the weekend will be less bright, but better than before.

fish Five stars instead of Pisces. Overcome mistrust and make big plans for the future. Love is going well and there will be important steps. The astrologer reads a positive stellar condition this weekend.

cancer The strongest weekend for the sign of Cancer, for which the astrologer Paolo Fox assigned five stars. Maximum climax is expected on Sunday, while you may feel some physical discomfort today and tomorrow.

Capricorn Capricorn has five stars this weekend according to astrologer Paulo Fox. Some confirmation will arrive by May 10th. You’re nervous, and you don’t know how to fit in with the obligations. Passion for recovery.

virgin Healing for the sign of Virgo, five stars. Wednesday and Thursday are not days, but by Sunday you will be next to the person who loves you. Almost everyone will need to improve even on an emotional level.

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