The Russian officer accused of massacres and rape becomes a colonel

Azabek Omorbekov64th Brigade Commander Russian Auto fuses, nicknamed “Butcher Bucha‘Because he was accused of being on top massacres Based on rape perpetrated by an army flies in townUkraine North, promoted by put it in. This was revealed by the news agency Agentstvo Under which Omorbekov was awarded the colonel’s gallons, a position which had more prestige than the previous lieutenant colonel.

The orthodox bishop has blessed the butcher of Bucha, but taking him to the Hague court will be difficult

Putin promotes “Butcher of Bucha”

According to international reports, Omorbekov oversaw the atrocities committed in Bucha. The men under his command were charged with gang rape, torture, and mass executions of civilians. His promotion comes after the tsar himself bestowed the brigade he commands for “heroism, courage, steadfastness and courage.”

Because it has been promoted

The official reasons for the colonel’s promotion are not clear. It is likely to be related to the “success” of the executed operations. The fact is that the brigade has already been recognized Kremlin Repel over 50 enemy attacks with tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and heavy artillery. DonbassThe new front of the Russian offensive.

Butcha atrocities

Although Russian officials have always denied that their soldiers killed civilians in Bucha and other cities around Kyiv (accusing Ukraine of atrocities), today only there areThe United Nations Monitoring Mission in Ukraine documented the summary execution of fifty people in a city outside Kyiv. The UN human rights agency emphasized that the war in Ukraine is a “horrific story of abuses against civilians” in which respect for international law has been “marginalised”. UN investigations in Ukraine show that what happened in Bucha is not an isolated case and there are more than 300 cases of extrajudicial killings reported in the country. The violations documented by the UN Monitoring Mission also included sexual violence, indiscriminate bombing of civilian areas and infrastructure, detention, ill-treatment, torture and even the killing of civilians and prisoners of war by all parties to the conflict.

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