Violations in the Brescia gym: the arrest of a martial arts professor

a A master of martial arts and his wife as his broker They are accused in various ways of aggravated sexual violence, abusive practice of the medical profession, abusive trafficking in illegal drugs and aggravated fraud. According to the carabinieri, the man “would have used his charismatic role as a martial arts teacher to create The relationship of psychological dependence with some students and students who frequented his gymnasium, leading them to group sex sessions in which he sometimes also participated, often with his wife who was meant to organize meetings. Some female victims reported that they were subjected to sexual violence during these occasions.”

In the gymnasium in Brescia, where he taught martial arts, the teacher was also practicinguntitled gupunctureas he would have proceeded Anorectal drugs or aims to improve/enhance sexual services, the trade of which is prohibited on the national territory, by importing them from abroad. Gym buildings have been installed under protective custody by the judiciary. The teacher is AI house arrest While the two partners were reported at large.

Finally, through a financial intermediary who also knows who was investigated, the 52-year-old could have persuaded the relatives of some gym-goers to invest large sums of money, behind the never-fulfilled promise of a high and permanent monthly income.

Karate master, under house arrest From wednesday 20 aprilYes he is Exercise the right not to answer To the questions of the investigative judge who appeared before him for questioning to verify the precautionary measure. For a man, they are especially criticized for exploiting his influence on Four students – between the ages of 18 and 20, especially psychologically fragile – to have sex with him. It is alleged that the violence took place in the club spaces of the city attributed to the teacher, but also in his home.