Covid infection emergency: hospitalization in medicine and Oristano emergency room blocked


Patients were referred to other hospitals in central Sardinia. Action taken by health leaders after the situation deteriorated

The Director General of ASL in Oristano Angelo Maria Serosi has ordered an immediate halt to hospitalization in the medical department of Oristano Hospital, due to the aggravation of the situation due to infection between patients and medical staff in the hospital and due to the presence of several positives in the emergency room.

In a note sent to Operations Center 118, to the emergency room and internal medicine departments in San Martino, as well as to the regional health department, Director Serossi notes that “due to an important group of Covid-19 patients in the internal medicine department of the San Martino de Oristano hospital it is not possible to New admission to hospital in the medical field.

The letter also reminds us that in the emergency room “there are currently 5 patients with Covid-19 virus” and that the 118 operations centers are invited to “send patients in the medical district to other emergency rooms on the island.”

As reported this morning by Linkristano, the medical department in San Martino hosted about two dozen positive patients for two weeks. Today, the number of infected patients has reached more than 30, despite the immediate prevention of visits from relatives and the transfer of infected patients to Bosa and Gilarza hospitals.

Contrary to what was arranged at the beginning of the year, in the last few weeks in the ward a clear division of buildings and staff has not been assigned respectively to existing and passive patients, distributed over 55 beds in the ward, nor have other hospitals been turned to for admission to regular hospitals. Therefore, the continued spread of infection, not only among patients but also among staff, is inevitable.

And even employees are now at the center of a new emergency. Committed to dealing with HIV-positive and HIV-positive patients simultaneously, OO.SS. The nurses are tired now. Thus, absences due to illness or accidents, as well as infection, are inevitable. With the consequent inconvenience, especially for the elderly and bedridden patients, who need special hygiene and sanitary procedures.

A situation in which the health administration has decided at the present time to deal with the entry ban. A measure to be evaluated whether it is adequate or not, if not also accompanied by a clear division of department and staff to be dedicated respectively to positive and negative patients.

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Friday, April 22, 2022

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