Cryotherapy in the gym and at the hairdresser: sequencing equipment in the latina and lower

Cryotherapy, Nas Carabinieri inspects 488 buildings: 16 complaints, kidnappings in Latina County

The Carabinieri of the NAS, in agreement with the Ministry of Health, has carried out a monitoring campaign, throughout the national territory, aimed at Verify the technical suitability of the equipment used, the presence of structural and organizational sanitary requirements, possession of the required licenses, the presence of appropriate professional qualifications for the type of cryotherapy service provided, and finally compliance with measures to contain the spread of COVID-19.

A total of 488 buildings including gyms, health and beauty centers and medical/physiotherapy offices were inspected, and 50 non-compliant targets were discovered, which led to 16 owners and operators being referred to the judiciary, in addition to an administrative challenge. Penalties totaling €165,000.

The Carabinieri NAS has confiscated 13 of the refrigerated cabins as they were used in unauthorized facilities or were used for treatment by unqualified personnel. It also seized 5 electrical medical devices for cryotherapy, which were illegally detained.

In addition, 3 suspension / closure procedures of activities without a permit were carried out and 3 rooms were used as active medical clinics within many of the beauty centers that were taken over. 74 violations were verified, of which 18 are attributable to abuse of the health profession, to the arbitrary activation of aesthetic medicine clinics, to violations in the management and possession of medicines due to their expiration date.
Another 56 penalties for non-compliance with licensing and procedures are being challenged related to failure to enforce regional laws and regulations for cosmetologists and to implement COVID-19 containment measures.

Especially, Nas of Latina has checked out a gym in Latina and a hairdressing establishment located in Fondi. In both activities Two cryotherapy compartments were found, activated in the absence of a regional license. So both devices were seized.

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