Here’s how to find out if someone has blocked you

WhatsApp How to understand if someone has blocked you: Here’s how to find out if another user has decided to block you from any interaction.

Now fully integrated into a social world, The WhatsApp It is one of the apps (if not the one) most used on a daily basis; Whether it’s for work or to connect with friends, partners, and family, everyone uses WA.

How to check if someone has blocked us (Photo: Pixabay).

Often, however, it can happen that he does not like receiving our messages or for various other reasons, another user decides to block us; How do you know when someone is doing this? This is the way.

WhatsApp, how to understand if someone has blocked you: here’s how

For those unfamiliar with the exact technology, The WhatsApp (Like Facebook, Instagram and other social networks) Allows users to block others if they no longer wish to receive messages, calls, etc. from that particular profile.

You can’t be sure whether we’ve been blocked or not, but they’re right there Several guides Make us understand that we can no longer interact with another profile. The first point that could actually make us suspicious is the lack of a profile picture; Self Clicking on the contact does not show the pictureeither the user has blocked us or he has not saved us in the address book.

So we need some other clues to understand whether they blocked us or not; If we try to send a message, perhaps for several days, Shows only gray tick continuouslyit means that the message was not only read but not delivered.

whatsapp is blocked
Details showing whether or not he has blocked you (Photo: Pixabay).

Given the ease of access to the Internet nowadays, If the message does not arrive, the user in question has almost certainly blocked useven if we cannot be 100% sure of other unexpected events that may have occurred (change number, phone for help etc.).

Finally, you can try to call the contact or add them to WhatsApp groups; If the user blocks us, The app will not allow you to make the call or even add it to the groupmaking a clear message appear.

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