“I’m not throwing”

She was wearing a green dress in the hope of her conversation with Silvia Tovanen. Carolina Marconi Today she’s back as a winner in the living room very right, Where she wanted to talk about last year, the battle against cancer, the joys and darkest moments of this journey that, despite everything, gave her a new awareness.

Carolina Marconi her last year between battles and victories

Carolina Marconi was able to tell her battle against cancer last year with great sensitivity. Become his Instagram profile Kind of travel diary Where all the feelings about her fight against cancer are put on paper, finding the support of others and giving strength to the many, like her, who have been facing the disease.

Now that the worst is over, Marconi has regained control of her life, she said, beaming and smiling, in Silvia Tofanen’s living room:Today I feel very happy, I am happy and I am fineA state of mind that is impossible not to notice: With sparkling eyes, Carolina reclaimed her life last year, a “turbulent” period as she defined it herself, a period in which she saw fighting fingernails and teeth for his life. On April 6 last year, he underwent surgery to remove This malicious and aggressive doctrine discovered by chance, when he was performing Initial examinations for assisted reproduction.

The news came like a thunderbolt from the sky, but I never thought of giving up: “I don’t even know where she got the strength from, in some situations it just comes in. She said, ‘I’m very emotional, but I’m always fighting and I keep going.'” A few months ago she completed a course of chemotherapy: looking back, she said she was amazed how she went , of the courage she had to face such a difficult battle: “In Carolina a year ago, I used to say I’m not afraid, that everything will be fine. Of course, I have changed, or rather, I have remained the same as before but with a different consciousness of life. I enjoy the moment: life is now“.

Carolina Marconi, failed adoption and bitterness

Although Carolina is happy to have left behind all the suffering associated with the disease, there is still a desire that she would like to fulfill, which is to become a mother. She managed to freeze only one egg, but she had a dream before resorting to assisted fertilization It will be adopting a childwhich unfortunately, as a former cancer patient, has not yet been granted.

“With Alessandro We immediately thought about adopting a child. We also inquired about the rented uterus, but I would rather give a new life to a child who deserves it – he explained -. However, unfortunately I have to wait because I had a tumor, we are talking about 5 years. It’s ridiculous: Those who’ve had cancer can’t apply for a mortgage, and they can’t adopt a child. There is discrimination.”

The showgirl, however, has no intention of giving up: It is ready to fight for the right to cancerous oblivion, which can allow cancer survivors (as is already happening in other European countries) to look to the future calmly, without the shadow of the disease. “I’m not throwingWe all deserve to have a family. Today I am healthy! “

She was optimistic about the future, she said: “Alessandro and I have so much love to give: I hope to be able to adopt a child, and then quietly make a child.”

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