Pieraccioni to VN: “It’s my truest movie. black and white sky? best purple”

Famous Tuscan actor and director Leonardo Perraccione Back to the cinema with New movie “Sex of Angels”. The artist presented his fourteenth product during a press conference organized at the Uci Cinema in Campi Bisenzio. also viola Participate in the event and collect the words of the artist:

The movie – “He was born in a strange and unimaginable way. We already wrote 40 pages of script and at one point I told my executive producer that the basic idea was not as captivating as that of a provincial priest inherited. A brothel. In Switzerland. We looked at each other in surprise. And we agreed that it would be interesting to try to write this plot. The next day I was at the screenwriter’s house in Bologna and we rewrote everything.”

Sports – “The movie also talks about this in some scenes, about how today’s world flows away on cell phones and almost. Sometimes we leave the house and the sky looks black and white, actually no! Now you can’t tell the other one later at night, that’s not really the case, better.” purple.”

Back to the Past – “With this movie I feel like I’m back to my beginnings. This and Se Son Rose were written and shot in a much freer way. It worked in the past.”

True – “I think this is the healthiest movie, one of the best. Politically correct? I feel like an exaggeration, maybe when we were so cruel, but now it’s too much.”

Violet friend – as usual, an idea of ​​\u200b\u200bhis friend Massimo Ceccherini, as Perraccione, a well-known Viola fan, is not lacking: “He is developing now and in the last two films by Garrone, he has had a hand as a screenwriter after all, he is 80 years old, like Her character is in the sex of angels.”

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