Stefano Tacconi has been hospitalized for the diagnosis in Alessandria after contracting the disease

The goalkeeper of Juventus and the former national team is in the neurosurgery department of Alessandria Hospital: he felt ill this morning in Asti, even if the first diseases came back into the night. Possible cerebral ischemia

The football world is concerned about Stefano Tacconi’s circumstances: the former goalkeeper, 64, is hospitalized in the neurosurgery ward in Alessandria, based on a conservative diagnosis of possible cerebral ischemia. Fight for life. A medical bulletin is expected to be issued late in the evening to clarify his condition. Taconi was in Asti, where he was a guest on “Days of Statues”. Last night he was the guest of honor at the event’s merit dinner, where he presented his autobiography “Junic”. After a few hours, the situation worsened. In the morning, the disease is immediately taken to the emergency room “Cardinal Massaia” in Asti. After the first treatments, the situation seemed to be getting worse and the doctors decided to take him to the more specialized hospital in Alessandria, where Taconi was admitted to the hospital in the early afternoon.

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Indeed, already at night between Friday and Saturday, the goalkeeper of the national team and the former Juventus began to feel the first discomfort. “Get ready Babi, you lion, you will win this fight too,” his son Andrea wrote in an Instagram story. Recently, along with his son Andrea, he launched a line of sportswear and opened two restaurants, one in Agropoli and the other in Hungary. He left football in 1994, but has long been a commentator on television and radio.

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