Ubisoft officially reveals Project Q and opens registrations for the beta version, and it won’t be Battle Royale – Nerd4.life

After the rumors and leaks of the past days, Ubisoft I decided to officially confirm the existence of Q . project Introduce it on Twitter and announce the opening Recordings for one or more limited edition trials.

Perhaps the French software house had to anticipate the announcement compared to the initial plans precisely because of the information leak in the past few hours, deciding to present it with the codename “Project Q” without the usual classic trailer. However, from the company’s tweets we can learn the first official details, albeit scanty, and admire the first official photo.

Contrary to information leaked in the past few hours, Ubisoft claims that Project Q “It’s not Battle RoyaleIt will be a team battlefield, which will feature a variety of PvP modes. This doesn’t preclude a battle royale mode, which could be among those in the program, but it makes clear that it’s not the focus of the title but rather it will be around the genre.

Ubisoft also notes that Project Q is still in the early stages of development, and invites interested players to register on the company’s website at this address. Participate in upcoming exams And receive new information in the future. From this page we can also guess that the game is in development for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC.

According to leaks of recent days, Project Q will feature several heroes that can be customized with weapons, skills, and abilities and three “wonders” that can be combined for additional effects while the graphic style is described as a cross between Knockout City and Observation and Watch.

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