Wall Street Journal: “Le Pen’s party returns 13 million euros to a Russian military contractor subject to US sanctions”

The National AssemblyElysee candidate party Marine Le PenReturns 12.94 million euros A Russian military contractor is currently under US sanctions. This was revealed on April 22 by the Wall Street Journal citing documents The Moscow and Paris governments.

According to the Nova Agency, “the repayment is part of the debt restructuring granted to the party to repay a loan it obtained from a Russian bank.” The company in question is Aviazapchast JscHeadquartered in Moscow, it supplies aircraft and spare parts for military vehicles to the Russian forces in the Middle East, Africa and Asia: in 2016, it received a loan of 9.4 million euros after the bankruptcy of the Russian Federation. Russia’s first Czech bank Who had just given the money a year ago.

The Wall Street Journal wrote that in June 2020, a “compromise” was reached that allowed Rassemblement National (formerly Front National) to pay the money off in quarterly installments through 2028 and with interest. Agreement was reached after filing a complaint with nonpayment Submitted by Aviazapchast to the arbitral tribunal in Moscow against the French party. Agenzia Nova always states that the agreement “reached in 2020 allowed Le Pen’s party to save money while the leader of the National Rally prepares to run for president again”. The original debt repayment date was actually 2019.

It was precisely the question of bank loans that was the focus of the Elysée election campaign. In the televised debate on the candidates for the ballot, Macron accused Le Pen of “To rely on Moscow and PutinAnd therefore not be free in its political decisions. Copy denied by the Rn leader. A few hours earlier, Russian opponent Navalny also spoke on Twitter, claiming that “the first Russian Czech bank known to be a recycling agency” and close to Putin. “It’s as if a French politician took money from Cosa Nostra,” he wrote in the message posted online.

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