What a sting, controls and fines that start for these petty mistakes

Italians should start paying close attention to ATMs because everything is changing with the new regulations.

Automated teller machine is a tool very used It was used by the Italians and is now rightfully part of the daily habits of almost everyone.

So the use of an ATM is usually quite coherent but that does not mean that there is no shortage of problems, In fact, things are changing from different points of view.

Pay attention to how you use the automated teller machine

News on criticism 360 degrees because the government has set one The maximum cash payment is 2,000 euros which will however drop to 1,000 euros from the beginning of next year. Failure to comply with these limits will result in fines of up to 50,000 euros.

But in addition to the restrictions on cash, there are also restrictions on money that must be kept at home and carried with you in your pocket. In fact, if you are caught with a lot of money At home, the pocketbook even here can start checks and fines. There is no maximum amount of money that can be kept in the house, but if it seems unnatural in terms of the subject’s standard of living, tax checks will not be delayed. But it is important to understand the changes in ATM.

Mistakes are not made

Today’s revenue agency with the so-called Super registration for checking accounts It can monitor in a very accurate way all the movements on the checking account even on the credit card. For this All withdrawals and deposits from ATMs will be carefully reviewed. Withdrawals and payments that are not in line with the person’s standard of living can result in very specific checks. The purpose of the government is to discourage tax evasion Thus a very effective way to monitor any evasion is precisely to discover the habits of citizens regarding ATM and daily expenses.

What triggers the controls

If these habits do not seem consistent with what is declared on the tax return, it will certainly be a wake-up call for the taxman not to be underestimated. Hence the fact that there are no strict thresholds for withdrawals and payments This does not mean that this is not confusing If they are too many, too few, too close to each other, etc. There is obviously tolerance, but if certain behaviors seem suspicious, there will be controls. On the other hand, super recording of checking accounts It was also created to monitor ATMs So this cannot be surprising.

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