Work in agreements and disagreements (nine): “With propaganda we deceive the Ukrainians into winning, but the truth is that there will be many more deaths”

“We continue to delude the Ukrainians that they are winning when it is clear that they are losing,” he added. like him Marco Travalho Speaking to Agreements and disagreementsbroadcast political talk on nineon the narrative relating to the war in Ukraine which, having reached the 59th day of the conflict, was at a turning point with Battle of Mariupol, in the Donbass region. “I am amazed by the astonishment and they are astonishing me schizophrenic analyzes of western serviceswho should be more familiar with The situation in the field. – Director Di said daily fact – Instead, unfortunately, it is no longer possible to distinguish between Service Analysiswho should tell their governments the truth, and Advertising. So the analyzes became propaganda. We were told until yesterday that Putin was isolatedwas about to fall, coup He was imminent, he may have been dying earlier, also because today (from an article in CorriereEd) We found out that if someone is holding their hand like this on the table they are practically a corpse, and one leg is in the grave. Our weapons were winning the Ukrainians. – Continue – There was even come some who talked about Ukrainian attack Even beyond the Russian borders, that is, the Ukrainians are invading Russia and marching towards Moscow. today JohnsonBiden’s main ally, says that Putin can win the war. Western intelligence says so Putin can win the war. The question is: Didn’t we send weapons to bring down Putin? We continue to delude the Ukrainians that they are winning, when it is clear that they are losing. And what do we do? we stay death multiplication And we stay day by day, area thinning under the control of Ukraine,” Travalho concluded.

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