“Alert to an unusual increase in cases”

Acute hepatitis and the number of cases –

“The uproar broke out because in England since January there has been an abnormal increase in cases of severe acute hepatitis in children – the expert explains -: we are talking about minors who come to the emergency room and have non-specific symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, sometimes fever. After In-depth examinations, the disease was found, actually hepatitis, and in England it was noted that the greater number of children affected especially severely was higher than usual.In recent weeks, the alert has been raised as Europeans have disappeared in other countries, with some cases also in Italy “.

Circular from the Ministry: Examination of the disease

– In Italy, a circular arrives from the Ministry of Health, the second after April 14, with indications of the checks that will be carried out after the alert: all health organizations and doctors are required to report any suspected case of hepatitis. whose reasons are not understood.

Hepatitis and adenovirus unknown

– But there is no clarity yet about the true gravity of the situation. “In England they studied 110 children with acute hepatitis – explains Endolfi -: in 75% of them the analyzes found an adenovirus rarely associated with hepatitis. We are trying to understand if adenovirus was the cause.”

Unexplained symptoms –

The concern is also related to the fact that there are no symptoms that help to understand that we are in the presence of acute hepatitis. “The disease is most often manifested by symptoms that are not specific at all, such as nausea or vomiting – the pediatrician will determine -. Some of the more specific symptoms may be what is called jaundice, which is the yellow color of the mucous membranes. But the only advice we can give him is to return To the family’s pediatrician, who will assess how to proceed.”

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