Bologna – Udinese Live: 2-2 Serie A 2021/2022. live the match

  • Where to play the game:

    Stadium: Renato Dallara
    City: Bologna
    Capacity: 38,279 spectators13:20

  • Welcome to the live match between Bologna and Udinese, valid for the 34th round of Serie A. 13:20

  • The “Dall’Ara” match features two teams separated by one length: the host with 38 points and the guests with 39 points. Both of them should get the game back. First leg 1 to 1 (Goals by Barrow and Beto). 13:23

  • The challenge will be managed by Alberto Santoro of Messina. In Var Abatista. 13:26

  • The Poles are veterans of the Juventus draw while the Friulians lost inside friendly walls to Salernitana in the recovery on Wednesday. 13:27

  • LINE-UP BOLOGNA (3-5-2): Bardi – Binks, Bonifazi, Theate – De Silvestri, Soriano, Dominguez, Svanberg, Dijks – Orsolini, Barrrow. Available: Valcinelli, Raimondo, Mola, Ebicher, Hickey, Mbaye, Viola, Casio, Panolini, Stefanello, Sanson, Santander. 14:40

  • LINE-UP UDINESE (3-5-2): Silvestri – Becao, Pablo Mari, Perez – Molina, Arslan, Walace, Makengo, Udogie – Success, Deulofeu. Available: Baddele, Gasperini, Pussetto, Nestorowski, Gagalo, Neutink, Sobi, Samardzic, Benkovic, Zigellar. 14:47

  • Tangija, Mihajlovic’s deputy, has to deal with the exclusions of Arnautovic, Middel and Sumauro; Space for Orsolini and Barrow in attack, Pincus and Bonifazi in defense; Skorupski is out for a bowel problem. Guti chose success for the injured Beto as Molina recovers after the elimination round. 15:00

  • Teams on the field under orders from Santoro: the home team in red and blue jerseys, and the guests in black and white jerseys. 15:00

  • 1 ‘

    Bologna Udinese begins! The first ball that Wallace played. 15:04

  • 1 ‘

    Becao advances and then runs a cross shot that gets lost outside the finish line. 15:05

  • 2′

    Success serves Makengo, who hoists over the bar just in front of Bardi: everything is useless, there was an offside. 15:06

  • 4′

    De Silvestri cross from the bottom, Pablo Mari approaches from a corner kick. 15:08

  • 5′

    Bonifazi Air Bank, served by Soriano, and the ball collected by Silvestri. 15:09

  • 6′

    Goal! Bologna – Udinese 1-0! hickey network. Hosts ahead: the action was started by De Silvestri, a pass from Svanberg to Hickey hit the left ball, the ball hit the post and went into the goal.

    Look at Aaron Hickey’s player profile15:12

    Aaron Hickey
  • 7′

    Statistical pill: The 19-year-old Scot’s 5th goal of the season. 15:16

  • 8′

    Punishment of Guests in the Basilica Field: Deulofeu chimes, the difficulty of separating Pablo Mari from the measure. 15:12

  • 10′

    Deulofeu is not making the most of a restart and shutdown of Theate and Dominguez. 15:14

  • 11′

    Foul by Becao against Hickey: Chance in an attack for rossoblu. 15:15

  • 12′

    Direct shift of the septum break on the septum. 15:16

  • 13′

    Success goes to the penalty area, but the referee indicates to continue the match. No Udinese protest. 15:21

  • 14′

    Molina’s low shot in the area, Binks expects Perez to make a mistake as well. 15:18

  • 16′

    Orsolini refers to the Udogie, the dribbling and erratic interference by the host wing. 15:19

  • 17′

    Fanned by Soriano at the far post, Orsolini hits his right hand and sends the ball high. 15:21

  • 19 ‘

    Dominguez’s mistakes in success. 15:22

  • 20′

    Another erratic intervention: this time Dominguez is the one who suffers from Arslan. 15:24

  • 21′

    Udinese chance! Molina triangulates successfully and arrives in front of Bardi who rejects the conclusion. 15:25

  • 23 ‘

    Half of the first part of the game: part 1 to 0 in favor of Bologna. 15:27

  • 24′

    Corner from Deulofeu, aerial shot from Becao which, however, appears high above the bar. 15:28

  • 25′

    Goal! Bologna Udinese 1-1! Udogie Network. Guest Draw: Deulofeu serves Success who sees the inclusion of Udogie, who beats Bardi with a soft left wing.

    Look at the player profile of Iyenoma Udogie15:30

    Iyenoma Udogie
  • 26′

    Statistical pill: The third goal of the season for the player on loan from Verona. 15:32

  • 28 ‘

    Brilliant match at the stadium “Dalara”, where the teams play openly. 15:33

  • 30′

    Goal disallowed in Bologna: Svanberg threw Orsolini, who scored only against Silvestri but there was an offside. 15:34

  • 30′

    PEREZ WARN: Do it on Svanberg. He was careful. 15:35

  • 32 ‘

    Udinese restart: First there’s a cross of Deulofeu, then Molina kicks to find the Bolognese wall. 15:36

  • 33 ‘

    Deulofeu in the zone, left-footed conclusion rising and ending in a curve. 15:37

  • 35 ‘

    The exchange between Udogie and Success doesn’t shut down, freeing up the home defense. 15:39

  • 37 ‘

    Scheme on a free kick from Bologna: Hickey throws Tite, who poorly controls the ball that ends in Silvestri’s arms. 15:41

  • 39 ‘

    Cross from de Silvestri rejected by Pablo Mari. 15:43

  • 41 ‘

    barrow! Soriano’s superb release for Barrow, who blasted deep and then kicks: the Juventus goalkeeper fended off the right dump. 15:45

  • 42 ‘

    Molina in the open field, very high shot from medium distance. 15:45

  • 44 ‘

    Wallace’s conclusion is completely inflated. 15:48

  • 45′

    The end of the first time! Bologna – Udinese 1-1! Hickey and Odoji Networks. 15:50

  • It ends with a draw in the interval between Bologna and Udinese: the hickey opens, Odoji replies. Fun match with chances on both sides. 15:52

  • The teams in the locker room: Taneja and Guti study the movements before the second half. 15:53

  • 46 ‘

    The beginning of the second half of Udinese Bologna! It starts with a score of 1-1. 16:07

  • 46 ‘

    There are no changes during the period. 16:07

  • 46 ‘

    Goal! Bologna 1-2 Udinese! success network. Guests at the front: Success releases Deulofeu, who serves the Nigerian striker in the area for a winning left-hand shot.

    Look at the player card Isaac Success16:10

    Isaac's success
  • 47 ‘

    Statistical pill: Former Latford No. 2 seasonal goal. 16:10

  • 49 ‘

    Picao expects Barrow on Dominguez’s cross. 16:11

  • 50′

    Deulofeu points on the edge of the area, a doubling down is necessary to stop the Spaniard. 16:12

  • 51 ‘

    A secret and risky intervention by the Binks succeeds in the box. 16:13

  • 53 ‘

    Udinese is back in action again with Deulofeu, who manages to dribble one too many allowing Rossoblo’s defense to avoid danger. 16:15

  • 55 ‘

    Svanberg’s opening to cut Ursolini, very deep. 16:17

  • 56′

    Opportunity for Udine! Deulofeu, caused by Makengo after a rebound, sped towards the goal but kicked from outside the net. 16:20

  • 57 ‘

    First change in Bologna: Sansone enters, Binks come out. 16:21

  • 58 ‘

    The second change in Bologna: the entry of Ebecher and the exit of Dominguez. 16:22

  • 59′

    Makingo right from the edge, Bardi blocks two halves. 16:23

  • 59′

    Goal! Bologna – Udinese 2-2! Samson Network. The score is again tied: Orsolini dribbles to the right and lowers the ball for which Samson only had a goal-free goal.

    Look at Nicola Sansone’s player card16:24

    Nicolas Sansoni
  • 60′

    Statistical pill: Sanson has not scored a goal in Serie A since February 27, 2021. 16:21

  • 62 ‘

    Unloading to De Silvestri who goes to the conclusion from the middle distance: a large ball. 16:24

  • 63 ‘

    The first change in Udine: the entry of Samardzic and the exit of Arslan. 16:25

  • 64 ‘

    Molina’s cross crosses the entire penalty area, Udogie comes in tow and kicks from outside the net. 16:26

  • 66 ‘

    Orsolini’s penalty is straight at the net but the ball ends in the corner. 16:27

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