Diet couples lost 80 kg in this way!

The couple’s diet is the perfect solution to losing weight. Say goodbye to frustration: the touching story is proof of that.

Couple on a diet (Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels)

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With spring in full swing, the countdown to outfit. Many have lined up not to be caught unprepared, and thus able to rely on optimal physical form, to show a body screaming on the beach.

But getting rid of extra kilograms is not only important for the aesthetic issue, but above all healthWeight gain is of critical importance to the body in general, exposing it to diseases, as well as compromising longevity.

To achieve the goal of continuing the diet in which it stability Crucial factor, doing things together can help. Proof of this, two lovers documented their journey on social networks Couple’s diet.

The Couples Diet: A Touching Story

A couple united and led a journey together recovering physical formSay goodbye to obesity problems forever.

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Diet (Syda Productions photo by Adobe Stock)

42 years John Clark He is 37 years old Charlotte Denise They threw 80kg together, and got back into great shape.

Over 100 kg, they changed their lifestyle starting from study. It all started with Clark tired of his body and never finding clothes in stores, feeling the urge to reverse course. Having studied the nutrition sector in the books, he started the process of losing weight by preparing healthy and balanced meals, without giving up the taste.

This also affected his partner Charlotte, who, like him, began to constantly eat well.

In particular, supporting each other, they cut out one day a week, Sunday, to prepare as many dishes as possible for the following days: from salads, to vegetables, to oats, emphasizing healthy and satiating foods. They have lost a lot of weight.

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Loss of inches in waist circumference (Carolina Graboska from Pexels)

The times when eating and drinking were the main activities of their days are now gone, leading them to a new life. Their story showed how unity is strength and how to approach the nutritional path together increases its optimal potential for success.

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