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Ferrero in the earthquake, two more products have been withdrawn from the market: here are the products involved

One of the largest and most historical companies at the international level located in our territory is the company Ferrero, founded by Pietro Ferrero, his brother Giovanni Ferrero and his wife Piera Cellario in 1946 in Alba (Cuneo Province). The holding company has had its registered office and its tax and administrative headquarters in Findel di Sandweiler in Luxembourg since 1973, with the new headquarters opening in 2019. The company recently faced a bad question Regarding some of the most important consumer products and their consumption by individuals.

Ferrero logo
Historical curiosity about the company (image on the web)

In 1942, Pietro, the founder of the company, experimented with the invention of a new cream with the flavor of Giandou, invented in Turin at the beginning of the 19th century, which, after the siege imposed by Napoleon Bonaparte, was used, and which remained. Strength until 1813. In 1946, the man AndInvents a hazelnut-based cream called Pauction Gyanduja It has become a popular and economical product.

At 64, after the death of Pietro, with hazelnut cream super creamWhich was introduced on the market in 1951, changes the shape, density and color and takes the name of the famous product that young and old love and is called Nutella. The product increases the level of productivity of the company by consuming it not only in Europe but also throughout the world.

Today, the company’s products have conquered the market in the Italian confectionery industry and over the years, The company has enhanced its business level by introducing other products in addition to those based on chocolateCroissants, snacks, desserts and drinks. Moreover, in 2019, Kinder Ice Cream line was launched in the market.

But recently, the company got involved in a bad situation which led to the recall of some products by the Ministry of Health due to suspected contamination.

Ferrero in trouble: Here are the contaminated products

Contaminated products (web image)

Ferrero, despite revealing its products to be the best among all the confectionery companies in Italy, It had to undergo a major hiatus due to contamination of some products which resulted in various food poisoning of around 150 individuals linked to the use of Ferrero products.

A suspicious case occurred in Ravenna, where a child was hospitalized for food poisoning. In fact, doctors after examining him confirmed the diagnosis of salmonellosis. The child in question had eaten a Kinder Surprise x6 Pulcini egg, which was immediately seized by the Carabinieri, who then handed it to his fellow NAS unit.

On April 8, Ferrero announced a recall of some products due to suspected salmonella contamination.

The recall of the market has also been extended to include other Italian products, among which there are

  • Kinder Surprise T6 Chicken
  • Kinder Surprise Maxi 100gm Smurfs and Miraculous.
  • Mini Max Plush Rabbit with Kinder Choco Ponce (weight 46g), all pieces, were produced at the Ferrero factory in Arlon (Belgium); Factory identification mark 03; Z
  • Kinder Happy Moments (weight 162g), lots of L326RGF and L347RGF; Manufacturer identification mark IT 0445 31 60618.

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