Giulia Ghazani, daughter of the mayor of Castelbelforte in Mantovano, who died at the age of 27 after the gym –

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Julia Ghazani died of an illness at her home after training in the gym. She was the daughter of Massimiliano, mayor and vice-president of the province of Mantua: an autopsy can be ordered

Rescuers tried in every way and for a long time to revive her, but there was nothing that could be done. She died this way, falling ill suddenly at the age of 27 on the evening of Saturday 23rd April Julia Gazzani, daughter of Massimiliano Gazzani58, a historic player in the Northern League, worked in the local administration for 30 years for eight years Mayor of Castelbelforte Since mid-December also the Vice-President of the Province of Mantua in charge of culture and education. The young woman has now been found lifeless in her home: not long ago she had returned from the gym When she actually contracted the disease that led to her death. As soon as the alarm went off, rescuers arrived at the scene with the carabinieri within minutes. 118 individuals tried the impossible, but in the end had to surrender in front of the evidence.

Kazani family drama

The tragic news began to spread in the village already on Saturday evening and then spread on Sunday morning. Over the hours, since Saturday, rumors have also circulated among other general managers of Castelbelforte and the province of Mantua regarding The drama that affected the family of the mayor Al-JazaniCausing everyone’s disbelief and grief for the death of the young woman who came like a thunderbolt from the sky. After the conclusion of the pathologist and after completing all the procedures, The body of the young woman was taken to the Mantova Hospital mortuary Waiting for developments.

The autopsy hypothesis of Julia Gazzani

It cannot be ruled out that an autopsy will take place in the next few hours, either by order of the judiciary or at the request of the young woman’s family. The autopsy examination, although at the moment it is only a hypothesis, It can actually shed light on the causes of such a sudden and tragic death. Initiatives planned in Castelbelforte, including those scheduled for April 25, will likely be canceled, and a city mourning will be declared on the city’s funeral day.

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