He will return from his first great love

The beautiful Belen Rodriguezz is one of the most loved and wanted showgirls of all time. Lately, it seems that the young woman has been somewhat absent from social media, especially in recent days. Indeed, it is precisely for this reason that the beautiful Argentine showgirl excites her fans. In fact, the beautiful host is posting and sharing her daily routine with her fans every day, but that hasn’t happened in the past few days. In fact, many followers have noticed the girl’s absence from social media recently, especially after little Santiago’s birthday. Since that day, the host has not posted any stories or posts on her Instagram profile. In fact, the famous showgirl usually posts something different every day, from her adorable kids to her busy life. Recently the woman also appeared with the beautiful Stefano Di Martino. The two have been together for a while, and despite their split, it looks like a flashback has become official between them.

In fact, this was something that had been rumored for months, especially since Belen Rodriguez decided to end her relationship with Antonino Spinalbes, with whom she gave birth to her second child, tiny Luna Marrow who is only eight months old. However, despite the large number of paparazzi and photographers who photographed Belen and Stefano together, in the middle of the night in intimate and complicit situations, the two have long denied rumors about their alleged reconciliation, dashed the hopes of all their fans. Instead, the good news soon arrived, in fact Beilin herself posted a story on Instagram explaining that she and De Martino return to work together, and according to some sources close to the couple, he even wants to marry her a second time. It’s time to crown their newfound love.

But going back to the reasons Belén Rodriguez has been putting social media aside for a while, it may lie in the fact that the woman is about to leave. It is said that Argentina, in particular, is in the midst of a new adventure. Apparently, many suspected that the lovely host was going Celebrity Island To reach his greatest love, his father Gustavo, who now lives alone in Honduras, after the departure of Jeremias. At least that’s what we read about donnapress.it. But would it really be so? At the moment, there is no real certainty about the news that has been circulating in the past hours, so we just have to wait to see if it will be true or not.

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