Hideo Kojima appears to be working on PS5 game, Sony devkit appears in tweet – Nerd4.life

Hideo Kojima Can work on a game for PS5bearing in mind that a devkit from Sony consoleas detected by some lynx eyes and also reported by VGC in these hours.

It wasn’t really easy to notice the details, but it was clear that someone would, considering how all the images Kojima posts regularly are widely scanned for clues as to what the game designer is doing.

In the tweet above, which shows a room at the Kojima Productions studios, the PS5 is (barely) visible, enough for many to believe the team is working on a game on that console. The studio obviously has development kits for PS5 inside, since it’s already worked on the console as well for Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, so this shouldn’t surprise too much, but the fact that it’s there. The area in which the current work is taking place indicates the presence of a file new game for Sony console.

The expansion can be seen from VGC below, highlighting the PS5.

The PS5 appeared in the photo by Hideo Kojima

The peculiar shape of Sony’s development kits can also be discerned from this angle. At the moment we have no news of what Hideo Kojima is up to, but some recent news has suggested that he may have been working on an Xbox game, possibly built for the cloud, or something like that, according to some rumors.

However, it is difficult for the author to completely separate himself from the PlayStation, as he has always been associated with this platform, so the presence of the PS5 devkit in the studio is not very surprising, perhaps showing at least one project in development on this console. Recently, there was also a rumor about Sony’s acquisition of Kojima Productions, which Kojima later appears to have denied.

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