Hyundai Staria, the minivan that wants to revolutionize the market

The Hyundai Staria camper van gives you the opportunity to sleep in a small spacecraft, with an open view of the starry sky. It has excellent comfort and a unique price.

Hyundai Staria – Engines

This is amazing transportation car agreement with retractable roofKitchenette and convertible chairs bed Outside Globalism. This is the Hyundai Stariaalternative to Starks. This minivan has style out of this world, Totally futuristic, which is driving fans of the sector crazy. Among those Rare minivans that do not have huge dimensions, But they are very comfortable with one Great habitability.

Hyundai Staria and its 4- or 11-seat versions

There are different versions of Staria Lounge. This is amazing transportation car Available in versions cart 4 or cart 11, by places a change. in version cart 11 Includes 11 people in his group Inner foldable and flat (to fit a lot of people, the whole consists of four rows of seats)and her retractable roof Fully automatic, fully lifting, additive More space.

and for this Model system also available Umbrellas, which few others have. a foldable coffee tablesupported by one leg, it stretches wallpaper (obviously when the hatch is open) and acts as a sympathizer outdoor table. network with zipper for rear hatchKeeps insects away, allowing fun Air flow inside.

Hyundai Staria Lounge Camper
Hyundai Staria Lounge Camper –

Power supply Fresh water is accessible from the outside and is located below protective covers, mounted near taillight Driver’s side. the inner part of Hyundai Staria hall Seems to be a welcoming space for Relaxation and privacy. lighting Indoor and Outdoor Allows you to sleep peacefully, or be outside without anything problem.

The electric seats second row adjustable ei bench bed From the third row, it folds flat one by one Pleasant rest area. Hyundai iDefines the third row as seats instead of Actual seatswhich means that they do not exist seat belt. Since 11 Camper has 11, that means 4 Camper has 4, and in fact that’s all she can carry on the go, between the front seats and the second row.

Hyundai Staria, excellent comfort and exceptional price

Hyundai Staria interior design
Hyundai Staria interior design –

a work surface covers a little small kitchen With faucet, sink and refrigerator. a folding table For the interior can be rotated in front 2nd row seats nice creation dinning table. Another storage room opens next to the third row area to create another storage space small table.

Behind that cabin glove box There is a compartment that hides the shower head detachable shower, Which allows you to make one simple outdoor shower. The camper is adorable Staria So much greatness from camping In a rather compact footprint, it combines the latest safety standards and a future vision.

As for the prices, the cart 11 approx cost 40 thousand euros. deluxe version of cart 4 Instead, it comes to about 50 thousand euros.

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