“I was stabbed.” Star de Sanremo 2022 leaves everyone speechless: Unbelievable!

A Sanremo 2022 star left everyone speechless as he says he was stabbed.

Yesterday evening a new date for the program was conducted before Nunzia di GirolamoAnd hello male. There were many guests on the show and among those interviewed was also the singer Highsnobthe hero of the latest version of Sanremo Festival with Hu.

Sanremo 2022, conductor of the Amadeus orchestra (Photo © ANSA / ETTORE FERRARI).

The artist spoke for himself by revealing various rumors about his past as well as motivating some choices like tattooing his name. “I tattooed Highsnob on my face to remind myself that I had no plan B and that I had to get busy. My stage name was tattooed before I succeeded, which is an incentive I gave myself because I couldn’t do another job.” In the course of the interview, Hignsnob admitted that he was a sensitive boy. “It is a strength as a human being, but it limits daily life. It is not easy to be next to me, only if you love me you can appreciate me: only my mother, my sister and my girlfriend love me. Few others.”

Sanremo 2022 star Hysnop admits: “I was a victim of bullying”

Highsnob and HU, Sanremo Festival 2022 - Photo by Getty Images
Highsnob and HU, Sanremo Festival 2022 – Photo by Getty Images

Highsnob later stated that he was bullied as a teen and also stabbed. An episode, this one, left some signs and still some question marks. “I was stabbed around the age of thirteen for bullying. I never looked for it, I understood over time it was jealousy between kids, it’s something I never got out of again. But I don’t know why it happened. I forgave that stab, I always I forgive. It’s like a chief judgment, but I forget but I don’t forgive. If I hate you I forgive you otherwise I’ll give you importance.”

Hysnop then ended the interview with Ciao Maschio as follows: “I was calm until the age of 17, then I started writing on graffiti and eventually exploded. In the social conditions I was in, I came from a very humble family, I had no place […] I became a quarrel and it did not bring any good, but I did not disavow it.”

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