In the war in Ukraine, Switzerland banned Germany from exporting its ammunition to Kyiv. “Used by German tanks”

there Germany You can’t supply Swiss-made ammunition toUkraine. The Bonn government, which appeals to its status as a neutral country, has in fact determined veto on the export of weapons to Kyiv. Therefore, this ban also includes ammunition used in tanks Marderproduced by RheinmetallDusseldorf Company. To reveal the news SonntagsZeitung Who writes: “Now too Swiss can be considered Responsible From the fact that Germany did not deliver heavy weapons to Ukraine.” The possibility of helping Kyiv by sending was discussed for weeks in Berlin tanks: way though it was prevented by the advisor Olaf Schulze. On the one hand, the German prime minister justified his choice because of needs of the German army (which lacks heavy weapons), on the other hand stressed i Risks Escalation of the conflict: “I do everything to avoid it the third World War“.

But behind Germany’s curb, there could also be Reasons Switzerland, he said SonntagsZeitung. In fact, the German arms giant Rheinmetall produces ammunition on the Swiss soil. spokesperson State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (Siko) in Bonn told the newspaper that two requests from Germany to transfer Swiss-made ammunition to Ukraine had been completed unacceptable “Regarding Swiss neutrality and the mandatory standards of rejection of legislation on war materials.” Berlin needs Assent Switzerland to hand over weapons as requested by sales contract. The Swiss office declined to say which one ammo type Germany tried to export to Ukraine.

Certainly, German tanks use Swiss ammunition. Friday – revealed die felt – It is a subsidiary of Rheinmetall Apply for Authorization to the German Ministry of Economy for delivery 100 Marder armored vehicles To Ukraine: The chancellor will have to make a decision on the matter in the next few days Olaf Schulzwhich has so far denied the direct delivery of heavy weapons to Kyiv and ended up strong pressure In Germany. According to Rheinmetall, the delivery of a first slide It can already happen ‘inside’ Little weeks“.

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